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Pantelis Livadhiotis
managing director
Panikos Livadhiotis
managing director
“Diversification within any Group must be planned carefully in order that each
function fully compliments the next. Here at Lefteris Livadhiotis & Sons, our
long term strategy has been to ensure that our business activities create the
appropriate levels of synergy to provide long term financial stability through
multiple and sustainable income streams.
This plan, spanning over 30 years, has seen the group grow both in size and
financial sustainability, allowing each area of the business to expand at a rate
required to meet individual market demands.
Furthermore, throughout our considerable growth, consistent attention to
detail has ensured that our operating systems have evolved to guarantee both
the group’s continued success, and more importantly, to provide the highest
levels of customer service for our extensive database of clients worldwide”.
“In today’s highly competitive market place, a company that strives for
success must possess solid foundations forged from integrity, honesty
and commitment to their end goals.
Here at Lefteris Livadhiotis & Sons, we have been fortunate to build a
team of people with considerable expertise in the various aspects of
the group’s activities. It is their contributions and their belief in our
core values that have helped grow our brand on a global level and in
turn, create a reputation for customer service that is second to none.
Couple this with our wealth of experience, strong management
strategies and a clear vision for the future and we continue to be
ideally placed to grow at a sustainable level in all areas of our group’s